Monday, January 25, 2010

The BIG B.S, Flag!!!

So as an avid celebrity news/ tabloid reader... I have come to accept that some things are fact while others are a mere illusions.

Nothing can hit the nail on the head more so then the article featured in this weeks "Star Magazine" featuring Nadya Suleman - Octomom.

As I sat at the kitchen table this morning, reading this article... thoughts of doubt and curiosity ran rapidly through my head.

This woman is saying she had NO surgeries what's so ever to get back to 120 lbs!!

That might be fine and dandy... but you cannot tell me that she did not have a tummy tuck. She was carrying 8 babies!! And I personally know about skin sag and I only had twins. Not to mention the dreaded "c-section pouch."

Oh and STRETCH MARKS!! There are no stretch marks. Really? LOL. She credits the disappearance of stretch marks to special creams that have growth hormones in it to stimulate collagen production. Heck, if that is the case get me a jug!!

And is it me or does her belly button look fake?

So in a year she went from this:

To that.

Now, I am not saying she doesn't look better... I am just saying BE HONEST about how you got there.

-Disgruntled mom of 3 w/ the stretch marks, loose skin and c-section to prove it

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