Friday, February 20, 2009

A Memory from the Past

I was 18... and in love. He, Brian, was 21 and ready to gamble.

Las Vegas was the first trip we did together. And the trip was a gracious 21st Birthday gift from Brian's parents.

How much cooler of a gift can you get when you turn 21? Not to mention, his parents invited his girlfriend (me) along as well.

Brian is a lucky duck!!

We, Brian, Craig & Terry, Jackie and then husband, Grangon, Denise & Kinney, and I spent Thanksgiving week 2001 in Las Vegas!!

It was a great time, and wonderful experience.

The lights twinkled and gleamed, the food was abundant, and the slots were loose. Vegas is the "Magic Kingdom" to adults as Disneyland is the magic kingdom to kids...

One evening when Jackie and Terry went to Cirque De Soliel, Craig, Brian & I walked the "strip". We drank "chee chee's" from the Harrah's and laughed. Not a whole lot of gambling went on. It was more of a learning experience. I will never forget that night. I learnt a lot about my future father in law... and my future husband.

Little did I know that more family trips like the one to Vegas would be in my future.

And little did everyone else know, that Brian and I considered getting married at the Chapel in the MGM hotel.

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